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jeudi 23 mars 2017

Malmö, beloved Malmö. -- Blog of Peter — Copy me happy - by Peter Sunde, creator of The Pirate Bay


As I said I’m not the biggest fan of Sweden. However, I’ve moved around Europe and I’ve always ended up back here. There’s a reason for that. Actually, I always end back up in Malmö, the now most infamous city in Sweden. There’a reason for that too.

When people say that Sweden has a problem with too many immigrants, the major issue is that other countries are not stepping up to help refugees. My own home countries included. I’m ashamed of Finland and Norway for not helping. Both countries point to Sweden saying how it’s taking in too many immigrants at once. And sure, there’s not enough apartments to go around, there’s not enough schools for the kids coming. But if every country did their part, it would not be an issue. Sweden can hold it’s head high for actually trying to help where other countries just are plain racist and egotistical.

When people say that Swedens immigration is failing, they’re not recognising the fact that Sweden is built upon that immigration.


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