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vendredi 14 mai 2010

A tribute to LEGO toys by the Flash inventor - History of Flash - Macromedia - Showcase

Or how to become an engineer using LEGO toys
by Jonathan Gay :
  • Choose a problem: Build a LEGO ship.
  • Develop a vision: What sort of ship will it be? How big will it be? What will it carry?
  • Build: Build the framework of the ship.
  • Fill in the details: Design and build the details of the ship, ramps, doors, etc.
  • Test: Drive the cars around the ship and sail the ship while exploring the house.
  • Refine: Take parts of the ship apart and make them better.
  • Learn: Take what you learned from building this ship and use it to build a better one next time.... [Full story here!]
In the same Adobe (ex-Macromedia) Flash history, we can also read:
Microsoft, Disney and Macromedia Flash 1.0

Our big success came in August of 1996.

Microsoft was working on MSN and wanted to create the most TV-like experience on the Internet.

They became big fans of FutureSplash and adopted the technology.

I'm still amazed that they made their launch of MSN dependent on a new animation technology from a six-person company! ...

Our other high-profile client was Disney Online...

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