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lundi 16 novembre 2015

Attentats à Paris - Hello friends ! As you Know, my brother, Cedric... - Matthieu Mauduit

(1) Hello friends ! As you Know, my brother, Cedric... - Matthieu Mauduit:  

As you Know, my brother, Cedric Mauduit died in Bataclan friday night, leaving wife and 2 kids (Antoine 7, and Appoline 3 and half). 

Due to my infinite sadness and anger, I couldn't sleep last night and thought a lot... I want something he would enjoy over all... And found it !

Here's the plan: he's the biggest fan of the Rolling Stones and David Bowie I ever known. 

Therefore, the project is to find a way to invite them for his burying. 

So please share this message as much as you can for this project works ! 

That sounds a bit crazy, but that's the least I can do for my beloved brother.
In addition that's a way to say f**k to terror and Rock n Roll ! 

I Know this project has few chances to come over but I got to try for his memory !

Je suis Paris /Je suis Charlie /Je suis la France


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