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lundi 12 octobre 2009

Adlene H: Scientist linked to al-Qaeda arrested in France

Un chercheur en physique des particules arrêté, de nationalité algérienne, pour des liens avec le terrorisme algérien, curieux, curieux...

Il semble qu'il est été détecté (entre autres ???) par un Big Brother US : "...He added that US monitors had picked up the Internet exchange between the scientist and his North African contact..."

Une histoire à suivre de près car on nous a déjà mené en bateau avec le
comité invisible et la soit-disante 'ultra-gauche' , il se pourrait que l'on en fasse tout un plat pour des raisons analogues, à surveiller de prêt donc
: "A former UK colleague of his said: "Wow, it is a big shock to hear he has been arrested. He was a quiet guy and very serious. He never socialised in Oxford and spent all his time working.

"He was very intelligent and obviously has specialist knowledge of nuclear physics so would be well placed to help terrorists with a dirty bomb or nuclear attack."

A French official close to the case added that Hicheur had expressed a "very strong wish to carry out attacks anywhere where Western security interests can be damaged".

This included "countries like Britain and any others where Americans are well represented", added the source who made clear that Hicheur had not yet "carried out an attack nor put the material into place to do so".

The brothers were arrested during a dawn raid last Thursday at their parents' council flat in Vienne near Lyon, south-eastern France.

They were seized after an 18-month investigation by French anti-terror police during which both men made frequent visits to England.

The arrests came hours before the older brother was due to travel to CERN's Geneva laboratory.

Neighbours described the police operation as 'like something out of a film set' with up to 20 police vans surrounding the quiet estate
News - Europe: Scientist linked to al-Qaeda arrested"

Voir le site de Philippe Madelin clair sur le sujet en français

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